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Due to the birth of our gorgeous little girl I will be taking some time off from the Creating Ways Art Therapy Private Practice.  

However, I will still be answering emails and any enquiries and questions so please feel free to get in touch still.  

If you would like me to add you to my 'to contact list' for when I return please let me know.



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Welcome to Creating Ways!

Transpersonal Art Therapy is an amazing holistic therapy that provides an effective way to not only move through difficult life experiences but also provides a valuable path to empowerment, health and wellbeing.

Now located in sunny Woden and servicing the Canberra region we utilise art and expression to help provide a safe and sacred space where you can connect with yourself at a personally profound level and create a path to healing.

'Through the power of guided therapeutic art processes we are able to work together to create a world of personal meaning and empowerment so you can achieve your highest potential, realise your goals and dreams, and live a fullfilling and healthy life.'

- Katie xx

So what is Transpersonal Art Therapy?

In a nutshell ...


Transpersonal Art Therapy brings together the power and insight of creative expression and the benefits of a holistic therapeutic counselling practice.  


It provides an intuitive way of working through the vast spectrum of life's experiences in a way that is non-judgmental, holistic, open, safe and supported.


With Transpersonal Art Therapy we can: 

​​> Get in touch with our internal landscape to better understand ourselves

> Improve self-esteem and selfworth

​> ​Work through challenges, questions and issues to find our own answers 

> Connect with and deepen relationships with self and personal power

> Discover authentic and profound inner wisdom

> Uncover the path to realising our personal potential


Art Therapy Services

Want to start your personal journey to holistic health and wellbeing?  We have a number of therapeutic options to suit everyone.


A little about me

Hi there, I'm Katie

Art Therapy has changed my life in a very real way.  Not only has it provided me with a vibrant and fulfilling vocation, but personally it has enabled me to make significant and lasting positive changes in my life.  It really is an incredibly accessable gateway to the inner landscape where it gently, but effectively, untangles the knots and blocks to uncover and heal the very heart of the issue. 

I have spent almost five years working with a number of ACT Mental Health Services and specialise in assiting people experiencing mild, moderate and acute mental health illness.  I also have extensive experiencing in working with people recovering from addiction and substance abuse and work at the Canberra Hospital's Drug and Alcohol Withdrawal Unit.  

My qualifications include a Bachelor of Visual Art from Sydney University, Diploma of Transpersonal Art Therapy from the Collage of Complementary Medicine.  I have also completed a Graduate Diploma in Therapeutic Arts Practice and I'm in the process of completing a Masters In Therapeutic Arts Practice at the MIECAT Institute in Melbourne.

Through a client-centered, holistic approach using Art Therapy I am committed to helping individuals achieve personalised, effective, meaningful progress in their therapy.



I'd love to hear from you!

Canberra Health Point, Level 2, Suite 9,

16 Wilbow Street, Phillip, ACT 2606

(02) 6260 4774